Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to live at The Manor Fairfield East?

The Australian Government pays for the bulk of aged care in Australia, but as with all aged care services, you may need to contribute to the cost of your care.

You may be wondering how much it will cost to live at our facility. Our fees

For further information, please click on following government website link to read further information about the fees and charges involved when you move into care:

What if I need transport to a medical appointment?

There are options for patient transport, both private and public.

The NSW ambulance service runs a patient transport system for medical appointments. We are also happy to send a nurse escort however this would be charged onto the resident’s account. Eligibility and booking information may be found on this link:

Do you have visiting hours?

At The Manor Fairfield East, we do not have specific visiting hours. Family and friends are welcome and are a valued part of our consumers lives. We do ask however for health & safety reasons that you sign in and out in our Visitor’s book upon entering and departing our facility.

Can I go out for dinner or on a holiday when I reside at The Manor Fairfield East?

All consumers may take social leave however only permanent residents may stay overnight elsewhere on social leave. Health permitting, all consumers are of course permitted to attend social outings. Friends or relatives escorting consumers on outings are requested to sign the consumer out before leaving the facility. We have wheelchairs you may borrow should you require one for your outing.